Genre: black/death

Since: 1997

Country: Austria

Origin: Argentina


"We are coming close to 20 years of band history and with that comes the fourth album where each one of us will give our best to make it the darkest and most blasphemic album of all."


- I-Black, drummer and founder -

In 1997 the band INFERI was founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The first band line up were I-Black (drums), Fabrizio Andrada (guitar), Ariel Canca (bass) and Marcelo Torres (vocals). In 1998 they started performing in countless shows all over Buenos Aires, where they supported the best local bands of extreme metal music.

In 2006 INFERI's musician I-Black and Gaston joined the well-known Argentinian thrash/death metal band L6V6T6MY for a big tour in South America. Almost at the end, the band suffers a major accident on the roads of Bolivia. In this tragedy L6V6T6MY's founding member and mentor Pablo Braga passed away and I-Black was hospitalized. After long months of recovery, I-Black returned to play the drums in INFERI.


In the following year 2007 the band restructured its music and line-up by incorporating singer and guitarist Thav. Together they started their first European tour under the flag of "CYCLE OF DESTRUCTION SPAIN TOUR 2008".

In 2013 INFERI was on hold and I-Black moved from South America to Europe and started restructuring the band.


In 2018 I-Black continues his lifetime project INFERI in Europe with a whole new band line-up. They released their 4th studio album in March 2020.

In 1999 INFERI signed with Furias Records to release their debut album "The call of the Dark Side". With this important step they became the first black metal band in Argentina to actually edit and launch a full CD. After the successful promotion shows, INFERI invited two new musicians to join them in 2000: Gaston (keyboard, bass) and Federico (second guitar). Times of extensive touring throughout their home country followed. INFERI was recognized as one of the most important band in its genre.


By the end of 2002 they started to compose their 2nd album called "The Awakening of the Black Hordes" which was released in 2005. The vocals on this album were recorded with two female guest singers Hela and Mortuoria.


In 2009 the band edited their 3rd album "The End of a Weak Nature", which received excellent reviews from the national as well as the international media. INFERI started their second European tour with their new bassist Zygth under the name "HERETIC & PAGAN TOUR 2009", playing in venues all over Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Croatia.


In 2011 the band published their first official video clip and went on their 3rd European tour being supporting act for the biggest bands of the European metal scene. In 2012 they performed at the Zombie Ritual festival in Brazil.